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Architecture is the backbone of Hogan Group Inc. Our project types include Residential Design, Hospitality projects, Public and Private Schools, Commercial, Medical Office, Public Buildings and Spas.


The excitement of Planning Work is in the demand to think comprehensively and the challenge to think big and embrace all the complications of what makes things work. We create Master Plans and Development Plans that shape the future of Land Uses around achieving the highest and best uses while establishing sustainable and environmentally sound development practices. Supporting Community is the perennial theme we embrace in each project we undertake.

Public Process

“Working with People is the most creative process I know” says Principle and Owner, Mark Hogan, “it’s like painting with colors that constantly change in hue and intensity.”

Community participation has become a valuable and necessary ingredient to many projects. Guiding Public Input Processes has become an adjunct service of Hogan Group Inc. Through our practice we have developed extensive experience in reaching out to the many people, and often divergent interests that surround any project. Our experience has demonstrated that the planning and end result of planning proposals can be enhanced by embracing the ideas, experience and concerns of those in the project community.

A Public Process Strategy is developed in response to each given situation and considers the nature of the project, the types of concerns likely to be voiced, the social and political landscape and the likely participants. The people likely NOT to participate must be identified as well so that their needs can be anticipated and their input encouraged.

We employ creative tools for communication and decision making and seek strategies that identify areas of common agreement so a basis can be established for ongoing resolution of more contentious issues. Our goal for an effective Public Process conclusion is to ensure all parties have been heard, their ideas considered seriously and each individual is treated with respect.

Providing timely and credible information is often the most valuable function of a well-conceived Public Process strategy. Concerns are amplified into fears in the absence of real information since people tend to create and hold onto worse case scenarios. Effective communication tools address the unknown and begin to align expectations around actual proposals and presented materials. Models, illustrations and simulations supported by real data create clarity around proposed projects and allow for informed quality feedback. We have also been called in to help resolve disagreements that have come to an impasse when both sides become entrenched in their positions.

Hogan group Inc. has conducted effective Public Process campaigns for private developers, School Districts, Municipalities and Quasi-Public agents.


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